What We Do

We Offer A Wide Range of Services in Lighting

From simple under cabinet lighting in the kitchen to planning the lighting throughout the house, we offer a wide range of lighting services and ideas to enhance the look of your home. 


Unique Lighting Solutions

kitchens & Cabinets

Each kitchen offers a unique challenge to provide good lighting that’s needed to see better under dark counter tops. Our brand of lighting and installation techniques provide the best over-all illumination. Add accent lighting to areas such as crown molding, in-glass cabinet doors and cubbies, wall shelving and more and you’ll see the difference good lighting makes.

Bathroom Cabinets & Showers

Most electricians just place a couple of lights in the ceiling…well you don’t light bathrooms any more like that….toe-kick lighting that comes on when you walk in at night without having to turn on bright ceiling lights. Morrows that have side light lighting adds to the look of the room. Than add color to the shower! Light therapy showers are becoming the new trend. Take out the harsh white light and add soothing color to your next shower and see and feel the difference it makes to relax. Plus, in wall lighted niches add to a unique new look.   

Special Lighting Effects

This is where we like to make that stunning special effect to any room. Under the fireplace ledge, luminating a beverage bar with 3-D tile backsplash, color changing soffits, highlighting art & sculptures or even lighting under a stair rail. Than create a challenging lighting effect that highlights the owners beautiful glass art collection along with ceiling linear lighting and toe-kick . All in a days work we love to create with lighting.      

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