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Good Lighting Really Makes a Difference You Can See

Established in 2012, Mr. Cabinet Lights and More Has Transformed into The Leading Low-Volt Cabinet Lighting Company in the Valley

Our goal from the beginning was to create a different type of business. One that was dedicated in providing a solutions every home owner needs. Lighting Dark Countertops Under Cabinets and now so much more!

Regardless of how much your house cost from $250,000 to over $1,000,000 every home has a kitchen and bathroom cabinets and they all need lighting! 

We now offer unique lighting solutions throughout the home. From Bathroom Vanities, Bookshelves, Illuminating Beautiful Artwork, Stair Cases, Ceiling Illumination and more. It’s the “And More’ in our name! 

Plus our newest division AmeriHome Home Lighting Design. Offering lighting design solutions. With our brand of quality LED lighting backed by a Lifetime Warranty installation, The next best thing in lighting is here today…Mr. Cabinet Lights and More!       

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From the Founder

The original concept of Mr. Cabinet Lights and More was formed from a need in my kitchen. Dark counter tops! I had electricians install fluorescent & halogen lights but they burned out quickly.. I said there must be a company that’s dedicated to Cabinet Lighting!

No not one… that’s when I created Mr. Cabinet Lights and More. Now over 12 years, over 300 plus happy customers, we continue to offer the best in LED lighting products and services throughout the home.  It’s a brand you can trust for the best in Low-Volt lighting solutions!

Mission Statement

Early on we knew we had to establish Mr. Cabinet Lights and More as an innovated leader in the lighting industry for home owners in America.

We strive to provide quality products and services at a professional level with a practice of honesty and an uncompromising adherence to customer satisfaction.

Today, we invite you to allow us into your home. Whether, a Home Owner, General Contractor, Remodeler, Interior Designer, Architect or Cabinet Manufacturer we’re here help you with your lighting products and service needs. 



When it comes to lighting, Mr. Cabinet Lights and More is here for you with complete turn-key lighting for the home

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